Friday, April 21, 2017

The Uniform

My deconstructed men's denim button up has become my post pregnancy uniform. I live in my Levi's. I wear this three times a week with 3 different pants that I made. I've become that girl that wears the same thing over and over again and it has been absolutely liberating during these months of nursing and loving my new little man. My denim button up goes with everything and messy nuances from my son doesn't take away from the cool of my shirt. As I became settled with my current look, knowing I no longer had to plan what to wear, I was relieved to have some me time and make a list of things I needed to get done for myself. One of those things is getting my eyes examined. Am beginning to have all those signs that I may need glasses. I've been mulling over it for a month and finally decided to make an appointment with my doctor.
I'm always amazed by how this universe works. I receive an email from marketing at Warby Parker about their new products. Literally the email pops up in my inbox moments after setting an appointment. I'm like oh yes! New products to review, I dig it, but with eyewear if I can't try them on, I can't cosign them. I have big eyes, big nose and full cheeks and I gotta do a fitting with frames in order to see what works well with my afrocentric features.
Well the folks at WP feel me and feel you too if you feel me.
I selected 5 frames from their website and they sent it over to me to try on. You have a few days to go through with your fitting.
You can choose a selection of both reading frames and sunnies.
I'm vibing a two tone get up for my face's uniform.
The Duckworth Cognac Tortoise and Bermuda Blue is my favorite.
The colors work for my skin tone as well as my denim uniform.
I love how the frames sit nicely on the bridge of my nose and the wings extend a bit beyond the lines of my face. But I'm just getting started with my fittings! Being a new mom means limited time being out doing fittings for myself. Having the opportunity to try the frames at my own convenience just makes perfect sense for my life right now. Now that I have the frames picked out for my reading glasses, I'm gearing up to try some additional sunnies from their new collection of sunglasses style. Let me know how your fitting goes! xodahling

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