Tuesday, November 18, 2014


You didn't think I gave up on sharing my style diary with you did you?? Cause I didn't! I'm on beccalexis.com. My new site has postings of my designs, fashion trends, lifestyle and some videos of me being well me! Thank you for an amazing 7 years on blogspot.. But the purveyor has moved to another medium! I won't delete this site, as it holds so much history of my life as a stylist. There is so much content that you will still find beneficial! However, all of my new postings and contents will be shared on beccalexis.com xodahlings  photo photo2-22_zpsa4dfedf9.jpg  photo photo1-23_zps668bb8e6.jpg  photo photo3-9_zps2a7c95b8.jpg

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