Thursday, November 21, 2013


 photo PMBEC1001_zpsd56f9c13.jpg  photo PMBEC2001_zpsbb2f19c2.jpg  photo PMBEC3001_zpsed8662c9.jpg DAHLINGS!!!! I've been building my shop at POSHMARK! Poshmark is a wonderful social media app that allows you to post up photos of your closet and share or sell. I've been sharing my lovely collection of clothes, accessories and of course shoes for women all across the country to shop and enjoy just as I've enjoyed those fab items in the past. I would love for you to follow me and we can chat about some of the wardrobe items I posted in the past.
I'm on Poshmark as beccalexis (of course!) You can shop, share or like whatever you want. I even have some fab closet fashion friends you may want to follow as well.


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  2. I come to your site to get ideas for my closet, so I can't wait to cop a couple pieces from yours.

  3. I loooove your style, it is absolutely amazing! Unfortunately I don't have poshmark account, but I would love to check out your clothes! Maybe you have Vinted ?