Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Emerald Green... Color of the Season

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Hello Dahlings!!! How are you? I know at this point you're probably tired of my "Im so busy" excuses. And you have every right to be. In fact, I havent been too busy lately things have actually been rather moderate and I made the decision to go light to spend more time with the family and more time re-mapping my career. The time I spent brainstorming has yielded many amazing launch pads as well as future ones to take over. I have also been thinking more about my personal life and what is it I need out of life. Yes, Yes a thriving career with many recognition is awesome, but its not the only thing that matters to me.
I've been spinning for years and after 10 years its time to start laying the foundation for a legacy and creating more platforms where I can be creative and share more fabulous things with you! I started an ecommerce store!! YAY!!! literally many of the fab pieces you have seen on the blog through out the many years we've been up will be posted on I have also been busy with developing content and creative editorials to share news with our readers.
This photo is from one of our shoots in Chelsea. I styled Cullen Jones Olympic Gold Medalist in wardrobe provided by Parke and Ronen. Please go on the site and check out his amazing story!
I hope you all are doing well and I will continue to keep you posted along the way... After all this is my diary!

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