Thursday, January 3, 2013

Take A Bow

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Hope everyone is off to a great start this new year! I've made my resolutions simple, to continue to do what I am most passionate about and make everyday fabulous! Oh wait... there is more, like making myself available for love and traveling for my own personal sanity :) I'd also like to see my designers in my wardrobe! I'll keep you posted with what works for the curves!
I love this Marc by Marc Jacobs pouch my assistant gave me a few years ago. Its hols all the essentials and if it gets anything on it its so easy to clean. Lately, I've been on a two-piece ensemble. Pairing tops with skirts. I've made pairings that I didn't first think of when I just purchased the pieces. Like this Uniqlo denim top and this Vonni Von skirt. There is something cool about bringing the dazzle down to earth with something minimal.
Shoes by Marni
Watch by Flud

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