Monday, September 24, 2012

Creating the Scene

IMG_1167_zps57530c76 IMG_1128_zps06b32c2c Photobucket IMG_1152_zps9c1e96af IMG_1117_zps1def13db IMG_1119_zpsf3b10bfd IMG_1118_zpsf9e30933 Friends4_zps1fb4279b Summer happened so quickly!! I remember taking my Chanel sandals out of the dust bag to wear this summer and as soon as I did that its now time to pack it all up! Bummer, I know!! The good times in the sun ended as soon as it started but the memories... yeah those memories are with us forever! We created some amazing kodak times during the last 3 months! I was crazed on America's Got Talent but managed to get some great editorial shoots in the mix! I love editorial shoots because it is truly the one project in which a stylist can create a feeling through photographs that are interpreted without any static! I worked with my amazing friends on this shoot for Pynk Magazine! Edwing sitting next to me designed the dress that was on the cover! I partnered with Alisha! We have collaborated on the fashion styling for this shoot! xodahlings!

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  1. OMG! I am in love with all the looks on Angela!! I like your style.