Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Style Revamp!

Photobucket Photobucket Style REVAMP! Seriously, I was so over this micro leopard print jumpsuit. However, I really liked how the jersey cotton felt on my skin and well you all know how I love animal prints. But there is more... I can't deal with pleated pants and this jumpsuit has pleats. Although I have worn pleated pants/jumpsuits they have a very limited shelf life in my closet. So I went to work! I slit the seams open on the center and created a knot on what used to be a pant. It reminded me a bit of Donna Karen's jersey knotted ensembles. I also cut the sleeves off. It used to be long sleeve which felt very limited. So now the piece will last a little longer in my closet. I'm all about making the tired pieces hydrated for extended wear! talk soon, xodahlings

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