Monday, July 25, 2011

The Statement Necklace and How It Rings the Bell

Wearing a statement necklace to a look can add so much vitality, but it can easily overwhelm a look if its done without a clear purpose. Sometimes too much accessories overshadow fabulous outfits when they are worn as ornaments and not as missing pieces to the puzzle. Above I wore 3 different looks with the same necklace to help you navigate through the "should I" and "How do I" process of wearing a statement necklace!


Look 1.

Express Tank
Soho Designer Skirt Unknown
Gianfranco Ferre Shoes

Ribbed cotton tanks are very casual garments. Its mostly worn for a workout, but in my look, I wanted a top to blend with the skirt and not over power it. I also wanted to feel light and casual especially in this NYC heat! However, the tank by itself and my wild hair looked too casual. Tying in the necklace was the missing piece for glam stamp.


Look 2.

Gruppo Vintage Wool Blouse
J Brand Denim
Charles David Python and Suede platform sandal

Vintage anything will age you if its not paired with modern elements to give it more of a youthful edge. The necklace adds an edge to this look with the chain effect. Its like a boost to the look making the wool blouse with birds feel funky and less prairie. Its like adding ginger to orange juice!


Look 3.

Necessary Object Blouse
J Brand Denim
Moschino Shoes

Now this is what I consider an everyday look. Jeans and a cute, comfortable top. The statement necklace gave the cotton top an instant glam stamp! The Moschino shoes took me to the bar without having to go home and change.

The statement necklace turns your sidewalk into a runway! Pump up the volume dahlings!