Friday, May 20, 2011

Manna's B-Day


Celebrating my friend's Manna's birthday. We were denim down!


Bowling all night. My bowling strategy made me the biggest loser that night... No Bueno!


Marie and DJ QuestLove from The Roots.

Im in my fav el cheapo leopard print sweater. The quality of the print says it should cost a lot more. The lace bow on my head is a piece of fabric I've been meaning to send to my mom for the last few months.


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  1. what could I say, your molding the world in your own way, Power to the people. It'll never be equal but I'll wait for the sequel. You never know, it could be good, better than the preview. Don't want to compare, there's a whole lot a there. You guys doing your thing & it is the spring. Hats off, glasses raised high. Champagne dreams & caviar wishes. this is the dish & I love fish (CAT)that's where its at...