Monday, September 27, 2010

Stay Put!


All summer I've had the worst luck with earrings. I misplaced them, lost them while galvanizing my steps from one shop to another rushing to make fitting deadlines. And here I am on my bright red couch (a beloved hand me down from my sisters) relaxing after a long day rubbing my ear only to find I lost another ^*$%^#@ earring!!! I've spent hundreds this summer on the single accessory that I truly feel naked if I'm not wearing.

Marc Jacobs Blouse
Diesel Vest
YSL Belt
Gap Denim


  1. Love your Blog Pic.. very cute.. I need some pics

  2. Ah, I know what you mean! If I forget to put on my earrings before I leave - I feel like a naked boy. Earrings, they just brighten up my face IMO lol and are a great detail - something that can be unique, ornate but not too much and it only takes like 3 seconds to put on. Perfect!

    I also used to lose my earrings a lot... how I managed to stop? Making sure the butterfly backs/backs are secure & tight enough BEFORE I leave the house and just checking they are there from time to time (rubbing your ear, glancing in a mirror - no time for vanity when you are v. busy!)

    Love the outfit, leopard I love and I'm looking for a sheer blouse myself. Hope all is good and prevail! Keep wearing earrings!


  3. lol!!! Im on the look out for backs! thanks Natalie!! xo