Wednesday, August 11, 2010




Before I get to posting a daily entry on my blog I go through dozens of pictures and select the photo that best represents the fashion moment I'd like to convey. But sometimes it gets tough to make a selection and I ask my beau or my assistant. But what always surprises me is how my boyfriend always goes for the more personable photo where I look approachable and friendly. My assistant and I tend to go for the ultra fierceness "move out the way" looks. It says a lot about how women view themselves and how men view us.

In this picture I was leaving the CBS studio where I was part of a filming session explaining my work and encouraging others.

I can't wait to post the goods with you all!!

Thanks for all the continued support!!


Dress: Vintage Italian Silk
Belt: Reina
Shoes: Alberta Ferretti
Bag: McQueen
Accessories: Hermes and Michael Kors


  1. I love this outfit - you look gorgeous, make-up too - and I think your story resonates with the saying "Women dress for other women and not for men". With men it's more about what your body says as in how you dress and the vibe you give off. But that's just my take...

    Can't wait for what you have coming, all the best.


  2. Thanks so much!!! muahhhhh! Your take is very true!!

  3. Thanks Mr. Rush!!! Miss seeing your comments!! hope all is well. xo