Monday, July 12, 2010

Did you notice something different about me??




Have you all noticed the summer do'? I'm on the go all Summer and I needed a hair do that reflected that lifestyle. I've been jet setting from one city to another and if there is one thing I don't want to worry about is my hair. The humidity we've had in NYC has been unbearable and I don't want my hair to have to fight it too much. So a short weave was calling my name.

After a week of working non stop this white Sangria with mango chunks made my weekend flow a little bit easier.

Dress by Mango
Belt by YSL
Shoes Zara

1 comment:

  1. loveee the belt!
    i read in your bio that you are a professional stylist which i think is amazing because currently i am a student studying fashion at a university (specifically apparel production) but i'm really interested in becoming a fashion stylist, particularly in tv shows, or personal stylist to celebrities. do you have any pointers on how to get started or tips on what i should do in college to prepare me for this lifestyle?
    any information would be wonderful!! you can post it on my blog or email me at
    thank you so much!